Hair Color


Black, Gray-Brown mix, Reddish-Brown, and Palomino are natural, undyed hair colors.

Red, Blue, and Yellow are dyed colors. (Color will not wash out.)

All colors are available for Horsetail, Foal Tail or Stallion Tail. 

Be sure to specify hair color when you order.


Leather Pride Tail: This tail has mostly black hair with some blue and just a bit of red.

Patriot Tail: Itís red, white and blue hair, of course. For holiday parades, perhaps?

Special tails are available only for Horsetails and Stallion Tails.


Plug Color



Black, Red, Natural

(Stallion tail comes is black or natural.

Horsetail comes in black, natural or red.

Foal tail comes in black, natural or red.)


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