Itís best to comb the tail after each use. If the hair becomes tangled and is stored that way, the tangles & knots will take hold (think of the effect of curling and braiding on human hair), making an unaesthetic appearance.

Use a wide-bristle plastic or nylon brush, available for a dollar or two at the local drugstore, or a currycomb from a tack shop. The currycomb is more in the spirit, but the brush will move through the hair more easily and accomplish the same result.

It may happen that a few hairs will come off in brushing, particularly if there are tangles that have to be worked out. These hairs are breaking (rather than coming loose from the base). This is normal, since the hair is dead and more brittle, and does not mean the tail is coming apart. The loss of these few hairs from the thousands in the tail will not affect its appearance or long life.


You can wash the hair with your own shampoo, or go to a tack shop and get a product made for use on horses. Shampoo and rinse with gentle movements; avoid roughing the hair and creating knots. Straighten the hair with your fingers while itís still damp, then brush thoroughly once it is dry. You can also use a conditioner, which will make the hair less likely to tangle.


The easiest way to store the tail so the hair doesnít tangle is to draw it through an old nylon stocking that has been cut to be open at both ends. This will keep the hairs safely together and you can just put the tail in a drawer.

A second choice is to tie the hair together, coil the tail, and put it flat in a large zip-lock baggie, removing as much air as possible before zipping.


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