WHITE LIGHT is the thinnest of these three fiberglass rods. Because it is extremely lightweight and resilient, it is easy to direct for fast repeated light taps or for hard stings that leave the double lines characteristic of caning. This one is unsurpassable for sting, but can also be used for light, entrancing taps that go on forever. 28" long, 1/8" in diameter.

SUDDEN SPRING, slightly wider in diameter, has enough spring to it to suggest that the climate is about to change. It has some flex, and quite a bit of sting. 30" long, 3/16" in diameter.

HOT ROD is hard and inflexible, yet still light in weight. Easy to aim and control, it produces a sharp, hot sting. 30" long, 1/4" in diameter.

White Light
Sudden Spring
Hot Rod
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