Nothing quite compares with a natural cane for traditional associations with the Victorian bedroom, English schoolroom, or Singapore jail. These canes are made of rattan, a lightweight, flexible material. (Canes are often mistakenly said to be bamboo, but bamboo is a stiff, hollow reed that splinters when it breaks, altogether unsuitable for our purposes.) 

Both smooth and "segmented" styles are available. The smooth ones are the core of the rattan, stripped of its segmented bark. Neither style is necessarily more flexible than the other.

The canes are sealed with a varnish to retard their drying out and becoming brittle. Each is finished with a leather-wrapped handle for comfortable grip and a loop for hanging.

The canes are 32-34" long, and generally about 3/8" in diameter, which is moderately flexible. 

Cane Item: CN $32


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