This is one of the most versatile implements you will ever own. It’s been called a dungeon on a stick.

Basically, it’s a raspy surface at the end of a short, flexible rod. Used lightly, the prickly surface of the slapper is nice for seductive abrasion, and its narrow shape is handy for getting at hard to reach places. The thin, springy rod makes light repetitive raps easy. Used with force, the abrasive slapper makes for a searing paddle. Hold it by the slapper and you’ve got a short cane. The short length and light weight make it a perfect travel toy. Ideal for beginners as well as seasoned vets.

Rubberized grip. The abrasive slapper is not really cleanable. The piece is 20” long, slapper is 1” wide 6-1/2" long. (Also available in the special “traveler” version - 16” long, to fit your suitcase easily. Same price.)


Raspy Slapper Item: FNS $35
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