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If you have questions or need more information about any product, email Sorodz. 

Sorodz E-list
Whenever Sorodz has a sale, members of the E-list are the first to know. When we introduce a new product, E-list get the news immediately. We also offer some discounts only to E-list members.
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Custom Orders
We welcome custom orders. If you have an idea that seems to be in the Sorodial range, call or email and we'll discuss it. Toy designs can often be altered to meet specific needs at no additional charge. If you need a variation, ask. email Sorodz.

Gift Certificates
Sorodz offers gift certificates in any amount. An attractive certificate will be mailed to you or to the recipient in your name. (Gift certificates have no expiration date they are good as long as Sorodz is around.)

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Our email list is held in strictest confidence. We do not sell, lend or trade the addresses of customers or members of the E-list. The E-list is used only by Sorodz to announce new products, offer discounts, and pass on other relevant information.


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